From the origin to the
surroundings, the singularity


Nature is our best ally and to know it and respect its singularities is our motto. We understand that each soil, each variety, each plot, and each vineyard have its characteristics. We nurture them by respecting each of their singularities.

In Quinta do Cerrado, the plots are protected by the mountains that surround the region of Dão. To the west there is the Serra do Caramulo, to the south Serra do Buçaco, to the north Serra da Nave and to the east the majestic Serra da Estrela, protecting the vineyard from the sea air of the Atlantic and the continental winds. The estate also gets direct sunlight from the west.

Sown in low fertility soils, mainly granitic, the vineyards are in a gentle slope, facilitating the drainage in the cold winters typical of this region. The deep soils lead to the development of the root system, creating more comfort during the vegetative cycle of the vine and providing good phenolic and alcoholic maturations, namely in the summer, which is typically Mediterranean, warm and dry.

With pole pruning, it is possible to feel the care of a gesture that respects the vineyard, where the tradition of the past and the technique of the present intertwine in a perfect balance.

To taste a wine from Dão is to discover, in a single glass, the strong personality of this region.


Quinta do Cerrado encompasses a house with rustic elements that mirror the region at that time. Welcoming and comforting.

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The mission to create unique wines that take this region and our history to the four corners of the world. Art and detail.

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Our wine making team goes through the vast acres of vineyard every day. A daily care. An unending passion.

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