From tradition to science,
the art of creation.

The Cellar

Unveiled in 1996, the cellar can currently hold a million litters and has the technology to produce quality wines that do justice to the wines of Dão. The grapes from Quinta do Cerrado are turned into wine in this cellar, as well as the grapes bought from small producers of the region.

The respect for the past and the conservation of our heritage makes our manual cellar, built upon four granite wine presses, a true altar. The cold stone of the ancient wine presses receives the best grapes, selected in a meticulous harvest and, through the traditional method of foot treading, they are turned into great wines with our very characteristic care.

Every process and technique used in the cellar is done by skilled technicians under the watchful eye of our winemaker. A dynamic team with an unparalleled passion for their work. In each bottle we give you not only tradition and knowledge, but also determination. That is how the true wines of Dão are made!


Our wine making team goes through the vast acres of vineyard every day. A daily care. An unending passion.

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Quinta do Cerrado encompasses a house with rustic elements that mirror the region at that time. Welcoming and comforting.

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The essence, our best kept secret, that we cherish and protect. Authenticity and a strong personality.

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