79 years of history in Dão region


t was the year of 1942 when the Cunha Martins founded União Comercial da Beira (UCB). Its founder was a hard-working and determined man, Alexandre Henriques Martins, born and raised in Beira, he passed on to his descendants not only this ambitious project, but also his commitment to tradition and his irrevocable passion for his work. His son, Fernando da Cunha Martins, managed the family business for a couple of years. But it was only later, in its third generation, with his granddaughter, Cristina Cunha Martins, that the company got a new image and launched new products.

In the 80’s, UCB bought Quinta do Cerrado, a mere 300 meters from its headquarters in Oliveirinha. When Cristina took over the family business, she knew very little about wine making, but she had all she needed: love and enthusiasm for the family legacy and an unwavering will to improve. And improve she did. In the 90’s, she led the transformation of the apple orchards into vineyards, where she chose to grow the main varieties of the region. Then came the cellar to keep up with the production. Finally came the creation of their brands, with elegant wines that still embodied the typical characteristics of Dão.

Helping Cristina with the management of the company was her daughter, Cristiana Martins. Cristiana came from the financial sector and let her passion for wine drive her to the company. When she joined the project, her main goal was to strengthen the internationalization strategy. She was the fourth generation of her family to participate in the family business.

In 2016, the fifth generation of the family was born, with Lourenço, the first grandson of Cristina, whose name was given to one of the vineyards in the estate. But the tribute wasn’t only in the name. Later, the brand Cerrado Vinha do Lourenço was created, celebrating the birth of her beloved grandson.

Managed mostly by women in the last decades, União Comercial da Beira creates wines with personality and charm granted by a classic feminine care.